Regional Finals Inspire Hundreds

It’s taken a while for it to sink in that the Shropshire region have hosted the YE West Midland Regional Finals this year. The 21st of June saw six companies from different areas of the West Midlands face off with each other at the Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s Greenhous Meadow. The event was sponsored by the FSB (Federation Of Small Businesses)

The teams were, IV Four from Stratford Girls’ Grammar School (Coventry & Warwickshire) , Global Gourmet – Holy Trinity School (Shropshire) , Keye Safety – King Edward VI School (Staffordshire), Revise Wise – Windsor High School (The Black Country), Vision Holographics – Small Heath School (Birmingham & Solihull) and  White Monkey – King’s School (Hereford and Worcestershire).

Some very interesting products were on display as the teams prepared for the guests to arrive and ask them many questions about their progress to this point. Then the judges made their way to talk to the students and quiz them about the product, the finances, the ideas and all manner of other subjects.

On display this year were a diverse range of products including, Branded Fitness Wear, Global Themed Dessert Recipe Book, a Windscreen mounted ICE Information disk, a website offering revision support, holographic projectors and a range of unique teas.

With such a variation of products it was imperative that the students were able to describe them and their companies to the judges and the other 190+ people in the room, in the form of a carefully crafted presentation. Two of the companies had relied heavily on Prezi for their presentation but when the WiFi started misbehaving, (due to all the students checking into Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) it looked doubtful that they would be able to use it. Fortunately, events transpired that would allow them to display their presentations but they will, I would wager, never rely on an internet connection for an important occasion such as this again.

After the presentations were completed, the audience then got to vote using electronic voting handsets supplied by Caterpillar Shrewsbury, as to who they thought did the best presentation. The judges retired to discuss the results and look through the Company Reports that each of the participating companies had completed prior to arriving.

The decisions were made and the awards list drawn up, now the trophy presentations remained but not before guest speaker, Mark Gibson, took his turn on the stage to discuss his career as an Entrepreneur, since finishing his careers as a footballer and male model. The presentation left many of the students with questions that they could take away and work out, while offering them advice on how to remain positive in adverse situations and work your way through them to glory on the other side.

After an introduction from Brain Caldwell, Chief Exec of Shrewsbury Town FC. the awards began. Presented by business leaders from around the West Mids the categories were as follows:

  • Social, Ethical and Environmental Award
  • Innovation Award
  • The Best Use of IT
  • Best Managing Director
  • Retail Award
  • Creativity Award
  • Centre Lead of the Year Award
  • Business Adviser of the Year Award
  • Financial Management Award
  • Best Sales and Marketing
  • Best Trade Stand
  • West Midlands Journey Award
  • Best Product or service
  • Best Company Report
  • Best Presentation

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  • West Midlands Company of the Year 2016

The West Mids Company Of The Year were KEYE Safety who had developed a great idea of an ICE (In Case of Emergency) Information Disk that you can store in your windscreen in the event of an accident or other emergency. Their product was already on sale in branches of Halfords as well as in the Online Halfords Catalogue meaning that they’d sold plenty of units already.


KEYE Safety then went to the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club, to take part in the National Finals where they did the region proud.

We in YE Shropshire team, the local sponsors, the volunteers and everyone else who has a hand in the Company Programme were extremely proud of all of the companies in all of our regions for the work and dedication that they’ve shown and the results that they’ve achieved.

We look forward to this coming academic year to see if the next batch of students can live up to your performance!!

Well done to all!

The sponsors for the West Midlands final are to be found below, much of this wouldn’t be possible without your generosity. Thanks.


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