Celebration Event Amazingness!!!

Time flies when you’re running a business!!

Wow, this year’s company programme has gone so quickly that the Celebration Event crept up so fast. Held at the Park Inn in Telford, the YE Shropshire Awards Ceremony took place on the 5th May 2016.

Around 300 people attended including students, local business people, dignitaries, volunteers, teachers, YE Staff and many others. It was a fun packed evening of entertainment which saw students arrive at 5pm to set up a mini trade fair so they could show off their products to the guests who would arrive at 5:30pm.


After examining their products and grilling them on the company that they’d set up the guests were then seen to their seats ahead of the students entrance and a three course meal.

Grand Entrance

A rapturous round of applause saw each of the 22 companies represented by around 5 students from each, enter the room. Each company were to join their Centre Lead (teacher) and business adviser along with other business people at the tables.

Three teams from the 25 that took part in the YE CP were unable to make it to the evening, such a shame that the hard work throughout the year couldn’t be rewarded like this. After a shout out from Ryan Jervis, one of the evenings comperes, each team received a further round of applause and cheers.

Rewarding the effort.

During the coffees, the awards began with IMG_6034Comperes Ryan Jervis and Elliott Edwards taking to the lectern. 25 awards in total were to be presented to the winning team or individual who was judged to have been worthy of the win. Each of the winning teams or individuals were presented with a lovely glass trophy with the name of the sponsor and the winners name on it.



IMG_6026Whacking It and Smacking It

Before the second half of the presentations came a brief motivational
speech from guest
speaker, Mr Mal Brown from Whack It Smack It. Mal uses junk and rubbish to create musical instruments and travels around promoting recycling and reusing material instead of just chucking it in the bin. Mal led the whole audience in a sing song, whilst beating the drums. He spoke of moving outside of your comfort zones and proved that it felt strange but good to push the boundaries.

Precision Presentation

IMG_6060Three of the companies who’d previously impressed judges and the YE Board with their presentations at the Harper Adams University then took to the stage to show off the talent of the YE Shropshire companies to the audience. Each company were allowed four minutes to present their updated prezi or powerpoint and then be voted on by the crowd of onlookers. Showing steely determination and courage the teams did their best and put on a good show. The audience were then asked to use electronic voting handsets to offer their opinion as to which of the presentations were their favourite. Global Gourmet won this award by a large percentage and everyone agreed that this was the correct choice in the end. They were then awarded their trophy which will no-doubt go back to school and fill the trophy cabinet.


IMG_6118Company Of The Year

Post presentation judging, the audience settled back and watched the remainder of the awards which would ultimately result in the cup being presented to the YE Shropshire Company Of The Year. After all of the judging at the trade fairs, the reports, the presentations and the whole kit and caboodle the scores were to highlight one team above the rest. Global Gourmet from the Holy Trinity were that team and they were thrilled to receive the trophy from Clare Weaver from the Shropshire Star. The team were joined on stage by their business adviser Gareth Morgan and celebrated heartily, raising the trophy overhead for the photos!!

Where to next?

Next up for Global Gourmet is the opportunity to tweak their presentation, trade fair, report etc ahead of the Regional Finals which this year are being hosted by YE Shropshire at the Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s Greenhous Meadow ground. Here, teams from five different areas will compete for the West Midlands Company Of The Year trophy and entry into the National Finals. We wish them all of the luck in the world and hope that they enjoy themselves and have fun.

It was such an amazing evening with people from throughout the county, from different businesses, different schools, different backgrounds all joined together to celebrate the good work put in by the students who took part in the YE Company Programme. It’s often the case that the teenagers of this generation are portrayed in a very negative manner and it’s great to be able to show that these students can be professional and create some amazing products from scratch, then compete in an already busy marketplace.

Thanks & Congratulations!

Big congratulations to all of the winners and all of the other participants in the YE Company Programme. It’s been an amazing year!!

Finally  a big thanks to all of the sponsors, volunteers, judges, teachers, advisers and business people for all of your support. Here is a little gallery of the sponsors we wish to thank.

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