Trade Fair Aftermath

The week before had seen the Companies attend the Shrewsbury trade fair to try their hand at selling some of their products. The Coin Rings company hadn’t made a massive improvement to their trade stall so were disappointed that they didn’t sell many rings.

After a few emails in the week, one from the MD wanting to stand down due to the pressure and lack of support and a few from all of the advisers and centre leads with encouragement to continue or options, the MD was still there.

Not A Hidden Agenda

They’d even sent out emails with an agenda and the form that we’d given them at the very beginning to capture minutes and actions from the meetings. Things were starting to look up, perhaps they had realised that not taking it seriously hadn’t got them the results they wanted and they wanted to try the other approach?

We arrived for the meeting, to find the company all sat around a square table. The topics were being stuck to and the MD was trying his hardest to keep the distracting behaviour in check. “You, please put your phone away…. You, please stop talking whilst he’s talking” It all looked positive.

A review of the trade fairs saw them begin to understand why their stall didn’t invite people to buy their products.

  • They’d got there later than others so got a spot that wasn’t in amongst the rest of the stalls. They talked of getting there earlier for the next one, if they did one.
  • Someone left the Velvet bags for the rings at home, this could have been remedied by having a list of items to take, they thought. All good so far, lessons are being learned.
  • The coins for the remainder of the rings to be manufactured have been lost, given to someone but no one remembers who has them or where they’ve gone.
  • The stand was bare compared to others, their logo was still a poor quality black and white piece of paper. It didn’t promote the right image they thought.

Discussions turned to the Report and the Presentations that were the next stages of the competition. They can’t be there to present on the day so they are to film their presentation for it to be shown on the day. The report, they assure me, is well underway and will be ready for a draft review next week, along with the presentation.

Distraction Takes Over

Towards the end of the meeting, the company members were getting bored and distracted, some playing on their phones, some having side discussions and ending up with the MD making a pea shooter to shoot bits of paper at his colleagues. After some more “Bad cop” from myself they started to get a grip again, for a short time.

It didn’t look like they’d learned a lot from the previous meetings but with everyone taking personal actions down on a piece of paper and a scribe taking down all actions surely it was going to lead to a successful next meeting.

The day of the next meeting we received a copy of the minutes, emailed to us. This is the attachment;

image1 (1)

Barring the fact that I’ve blotched out the names, it hardly gives one the impression of a professional company to receive these sorts of documents.

Lets see if these minutes, as poor as they are, actually help them in the next meeting.



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