Close to breaking point….

It’s a mere week and a half until the school I’m a business adviser at breaks for the Christmas holidays. You may think that these students have it easy but they’ve been working ’til late every day and even have lessons on Saturdays. Nonetheless, it doesn’t leave much time for them to prepare any holiday […]

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Memories of 2014-2015

Also produced last night was this graphical illustration of the teams from last year’s Shropshire YE Company Programme, it shows the professionalism that was eventually attained by some of the wobbliest of starters.. Enjoy!!


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Products Taking Shape

The Meeting Today saw myself and two other business advisers from our company attend Shrewsbury School, the same school where Charles Darwin himself was educated. We were there to support two companies who are split¬†from 5th Form and Lower 6th Forms. The difference from the first visit in September was vast but there is still […]

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The Last Post First

Peace. Quite a sobering day to be beginning a blog about Young Enterprise with it being Armistice Day and all the memories, emotions and feelings that come along with it.¬†Remembering the sacrifices of millions of people across the globe from all nations whilst observing a two minute silence is still one of the most powerful […]

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